I’m in Need of Him Alone

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God
Psalm 42:2, NKJV

Charles Price in his book The Real Faithtells the story of a cripple man who was continually brought into the services for healing. Many times, Price and others spent much time praying for the man. Days went by and there was no sign of healing.

One afternoon they wheeled him to a corner in the building. He asked the people to leave the two of us alone, and then said something that has lingered in the chambers of my memory. “What a failure I am,” he declared. “I came here strong in what I thought was my faith in the Lord. As I look deeply into my heart I find something about which I wish to confess. What a poor, miserable failure I have been. I have been spiritually proud of the fact that people have pointed to me as a man who suffered without complaining. They pointed me out as the man who never grumbled, although he had a cross to bear. I grew proud of my reputation and I can see now that what I termed my goodness has been self-righteousness in the sight of my Lord.”

“Dr. Price,” he said, “I don’t need healing half as much as I need Jesus. I am so hungry for His presence. More than anything else in my life, I want to know Him better, and I am content to spend my days in this chair if only He will flood this self-righteous heart of mine with His peace and love.”

Dr. Price describes how he watched the cripple man in the wheel chair disappear around the corner of the building after that conversation. A few days later this man came back to the church for the evening service. He described to Dr. Price how Jesus had met him the night before. He spent the night in prayer and praise and worship. He described how the fog had lifted from his heart and mind and he became conscious of an infusion of Life Divine.

“Why does this man have to wait until tonight?” “He does not,” I replied. “The Great Physician is here now. Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.” A moment later it was over. Out of his wheel chair arose that man. He ran and jumped and praised the Lord for his deliverance.

Our God is the Great Physician and He desires to heal. Just as much as He is our healer, He is our creator. If you were to be admitted to Heaven’s triage, the first condition of healing to apply would be that of your heart. What offense lingers there or spiritual pride? Oh, the cancer of your heart that must be cleansed for the life of God to flow into every spiritual extremity. Jesus wants to heal every brokenness and of great importance is that your inner man be made whole.

Do you desire to be healed only in the external, or is there a desperation for utter deliverance–spirit, soul and body? Let the sickness of vanity and pride be cleansed and love-sickness for your first love return. Let your inner man be restored from its blockages that it may be moved with compassion for the lost. Cleanse your soul from every hinderance that the rivers of life may flow freely from within. The Healer is able to heal your physical body, but He also has great concern for your spirit man and soul. May the cry of your heart be:I don’t need healing half as much as I need Jesus. I am so hungry for His presence.

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