Don’t Trust the Snake

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.
Romans 16:20, NASB

Have you ever felt like every time you turn around the enemy was out to stop you from advancing–Relationship issues, financial trouble, doubt in God’s Word?? Our God is a God of peace. The word here used for “peace” means “to be in a place of rest or tranquility; free from rage or war.” The word for “soon” means “with haste or speed.” Our God of tranquility and victory will quickly crush the enemy under YOUR feet!

Here, the word for “crushed” means to “smash, utterly destroy, break into pieces, obliterate, demolish.” Your victory is guaranteed because Christ is demolishing the power of the enemy from your life. In Christ, every chain is pulverized. In Christ, every bondage is utterly destroyed. In Christ, every distraction is laid to waste. In Christ, every lie is broken into pieces.

Christ has made you victorious over every temptation, every sin–even death itself. And He is working out in you this victory through every step you take on His path. Christ paid for your ultimate freedom and we learn to live out this freedom, crushing the enemy as we walk out our divine purpose in Christ! Every step is a blow to the enemy. Every act of worship is crushing and grinding of the old venomous head.

MacClaren expounds on this verse:
Yes, it is God that bruises, but He uses our feet to do it. It is God from whom the power comes, but the power works through us, and we are neither merely the field, nor merely the prize, of the conflict between these two, but we ourselves have to put all our pith into the task of keeping down the flat, speckled head that has the poison gland in it. ‘The God of peace’-blessed be His Name-’shall bruise Satan under your feet,’ but it will need the tension of your muscles, and the downward force of your heel, if the wriggling reptile is to be kept under.

Determine today to walk in victory. In Christ, walk according to the path of peace. This doesn’t mean distractions and attacks will not come; it means that you are determined to lay a defeating blow by the power of God by each step you take with Christ. It means you will not stop worshipping. It means you will not stop praying. It means you will not stop walking in your God-given authority. You will not be bitten by the venom of bitterness or offense.

Lift your shout of praise. Exalt the Lord and make your boast in Him. The God of peace has brought to you victory over every scheme of the doomed reptile the Devil!


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