Draw Me Away

Draw me away! We will run after you.
Song of Solomon 1:4, NKJV

Solomon begins this chapter with the Shulamite longing for the kisses of her lover. What a picture of our desire for Christ. “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth–for your love is better than wine” (SOS 1:2). He continues this passion and desire for love into verse 4, “Draw me away!”

He wants to captivate you. The Lord wants your full attention and desires. The Lord wants you to hear His call to run after Him. What would distract you from His affection today? What sin or weight would hold you back from running after Him? The Lord wants to bring you closer–bring you into His chamber of love.

Life and its issues can distract us. Our eyes get fixed on our problems. Our heart gets wounded by the unmet expectations of others. We become offended and burdened down with weights. We ask ourselves if we can ever find rest and happiness in God. Is it really possible? All we see is the baggage. All we feel is the hurt and anxiety. But today, Jesus is calling after you. He wants to draw you away. He wants the burdens to melt away and for you to run after Him.

He is awakening your passion for Him. He is awakening your desire for Him. He is calling out to your on your bed. He is calling out to you in His creation. He is calling out to you through your family or your coworker. He is beaconing for you to run after Him.

The Spirit of God is wooing you and captivating your attention towards Christ. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this captivation:

The more sensitive a conscience is in a diseased soul, the less easily it is quieted without a real healing. The influence of the Spirit of God is even more clearly demonstrated when people have their hearts drawn away from the world. The Spirit weans them from the objects of their worldly lusts and takes from them worldly pursuits. He accomplishes this by giving them the sense of excellency of divine things and affection for spiritual enjoyments of another world that are promised in the Gospel.

Can you see the enjoyments of another world? Can you hear the sounds and taste the delights of heaven? Has the Word of God and its enjoyments become real to you? Jesus is calling out to you. Will you run after Him?

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