No More Trash Talking

Death and life are in the power of the tongue
Proverbs 18:21, NKJV

Momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This might not be a quote from the Bible, but it’s pretty powerful. One of the keys to maintaining an atmosphere of God’s outpouring and revival is understanding the importance of the words we speak. Scripture is full of wisdom and revelation on the power of our words.

It seems as of late, social media and conversations are full of vile against the Church. And I hear it mostly from people who consider themselves a part of the Church. There are so many outside of the Body of Christ who would love to pick holes in the garments of the Church already, why should we add to the nagging moth’s work? Let’s not destroy our own wedding garments! Imperfect as well all may be, we must contend for the Church and bless one another, not attack. We are to outdo one another in honor (Romans 12:10).

An element of this overflowing honor is to speak blessings, not curses. We must be people who speak the blessings of the Lord rather than the curses from our own flesh. Our natural response is to speak out of fear, rejection, hurt, insecurity, and other carnal motives. As believers, we are called higher—to speak blessings and life, not curses.

In Biblical history and in Jewish tradition, the power of speaking blessings is very powerful. Many Jewish families speak blessings over their children weekly. These blessings in Scripture oftentimes seem prophetic in nature, as we see their fulfillment looking back over time. But deeper than the prophetic nature, I believe it is the power of aligning our words with what God says about someone, not what our flesh sees about someone.

We see the power of blessing demonstrated as Jacob receives the blessing from Isaac rather than Esau. Esau wept and hated his brother when he discovered Isaac’s blessing was bestowed on Jacob. Later in life Jacob blesses his own sons. You can find the account of Jacob’s blessing of his sons in Genesis 49. The blessing bestowed on Joseph and the life of Joseph are a great example of the almost prophetic nature of the blessing bestowed by Jacob.

Fast forward to the New Testament we are told to “bless those who curse you (Luke 6:28).” Paul writes in Romans to bless and not curse (Romans 12:14). In the Old Testament the blessing brought a sense of identity and purpose. In the New Testament, our identity and purpose are found in Christ. As we are found in Christ, we speak words of life, purpose, and identity. In John 12:49, Jesus says He speaks only what He hears from the Father.

What would happen if you spoke blessings and life, instead of speaking out of frustration, hurt, or anxiety? Recently in a prayer time with our worship team I began to bless them instead of just pray for them. The prayer time was powerful, but as the spiritual leader of our spiritual house, I began to bless our team, and I watched them blossom like a flower. I watched as they opened up to receive the anointing I had just prayed that they would have.

In the course of ministry, I had a family that spoke negatively about me around their children. One day, one of the children faced a crisis, but the parents did not understand why the child was resistant to receiving from their pastor. Speaking curses had shut the family off from receiving the blessing from pastoral counsel. There had to come repentance before there could come breakthrough.

There’s power in speaking blessings over your church, blessings over your pastors, blessings over your family, blessings over your children, blessings over your job! Be tuned in to what the Father is speaking, and say what He is saying. Speaking blessings will position you and others to walk in the fullness of God’s plan, and not lockdown the storehouses because of hurt, fear, and rejection. Instead of speaking out of fear and anxiety, ask the Lord what His Word says. Speak His Word instead of your own. Begin to speak blessings in faith, and the reward of faith will come!

One thought on “No More Trash Talking

  1. Pastor this is so true. We have to take joy in the blessings from both God & the Holy Spirit. “Lord God please guard my tongue may it bring praises & not evil. May it bring blessing, honor, & praise. Amen”.

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