Night of Hope

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil
Hebrews 6:19, NASB

As I am writing we have completed another Night of Hope. Each month Celebration Church hosts an outreach to our community which provides about 20 different areas of free services including groceries, hot meals, a spa, community services, haircuts, and so much more. For nine months, I have watched our volunteers and our guests transform. Every month we see many new guests and returning guests. Every month we see volunteers, who often receive more than our guests. Every Night of Hope is fun and inspiring. Our vision for this ministry is Hebrews 6:19.

What a hope we have in Christ! No matter our circumstances, our family dynamics, financial hardships—Christ is the anchor that keeps us firmly secure. Life can set us drifting in the wrong direction, but Christ anchors us firmly to the reality of God. This anchor is a trustworthy and faithful anchor. Our hope in Christ will not leave us in times of rough seas. He is faithful to sustain us. Our goal through Night of Hope is to show people through meeting practical needs, Christ truly sustains us and provides for us. He can minister to our tangible needs, and He can care for our emotional and spiritual needs also.

The joy of believers is to live life behind the veil. Christ our anchor brings us in to this wonderful place of the presence of God. No longer do we live adrift in the seas of life without purpose, without identity, and without meaningful relationships, but we have been brought in to the presence of God, realize our purpose in Him, carry the identity of Christ, and have relationship with our loving Heavenly Father who directs our course daily. This is more than an idea about God; more than a religious experience attempting to obtain God; but a rest in Christ who brings us to God. We can yield full control of our lives to Him, knowing the anchor of our soul has everything handled. We do not have to know every detail of what is to come in our lives, but we can fully rely upon and rest in the One who does.

Are you resting in the anchor of your soul? Do you trust His ability to hold you in the midst of adversity? Can you see him directing your steps into His abundant life? One of the most challenging aspects of using an anchor is trusting that when released, it will work. Yielding to God is similar in that when letting God have full control, you trust He will work. All of a sudden you cease to work and God can begin to work. This is the God-kind of life promised to us. We learn to yield and enter God’s rest and leave the details to Him. This is learning to live behind the veil in the presence of God. Stop striving against the waves of adversity or the waves of success, and yield to Christ, the anchor who will hold you firmly in the middle of God’s sovereign plan and His wonderfully joyful presence.

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