Learning to Drink

And have all been made to drink into one Spirit
1 Corinthians 12:13b, NKJV

I have grown up in church and am blessed to have a great spiritual heritage. I thank God for a godly family and healthy churches and ministers who have impacted my life. I have noticed in my own life the tendency of natural man—to strive in my own strength to “serve” God. Maybe you have been there or find yourself in this place now. We know we are born again not by our works, but because of Christ’s work on the cross and His resurrection. We know salvation begins by drinking of the waters of life offered free of charge by Jesus. However, at some point in our walk with God, we switch to endeavoring to accomplish all we can and be “all you can be” in God’s army.

Sadly, many become “burnt out” on Christianity because of striving and endeavoring to accomplish God’s will, doing His plan, serving Him, and checking our religious checklist of “proper Christianity.” Let me define this pattern of behavior. It is called “dead religious works.” Often times we find ourselves doing the right things, but with the wrong motive.

I love what Paul Acts 17:25 “Nor is He worshiped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things.” (NKJV)

Are you striving to build a ministry for God? Do you find yourself working to worship God? Are you checking off your spiritual task list to gain God’s approval for how you read your devotions today or prayed today?

Recently in one of our services, I went to lay hands on someone and as I did, it became clear this person was striving to worship the right way. I began saying, “don’t think, just drink.” Immediately this person’s countenance changed and the joy of the Lord began overflowing in this person. Why? Later this person described how they had been bound by a religious mindset of having to do everything the right way. At some point life became about gaining other’s approval and gaining God’s approval, instead of simply receiving from Him.

Paul said in Acts 17, that God gives to us all. He is always freely pouring out the waters of life. He is an endless ocean of supply. We must ask ourselves, are we striving to work, or are we learning to receive. Receiving requires that we yield. Drinking of the Spirit requires that we stop our endless religious babbling and self-promoting, and open up to drink in the goodness of God.

From the Day of Pentecost until today, as believers we are learning to wait on God and yield to His supply. Salvation was freely given, and as believers, every spiritual blessing and every ounce of spiritual life following salvation is dependent upon drinking in (receiving) from God. Right thinking about God is better than stinkin’ thinkin’ about God. But thoughts of God alone will not satisfy the deep hunger of your spirit. You can have an understanding that the sun provides warmth, but when you stand in the beams of the sun’s light on a hot summer day you begin to have new depth to your understanding of the sun’s warmth.

Move out into the Son’s beams today and have a drink!

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