Enjoyment of God & Loving Others

Enjoyment of God and delighting ourselves in the glory of God produces a compassion for those who have exchanged the pleasures of God for momentary delights. Jesus saw the multitudes and was moved with compassion because they were sheep without a shepherd. As believers, we find our fulfillment, our delight, our pleasure, our satisfaction in God alone; and recognize the eternal suffering of those who do not find their fulfillment in God, and thus, we are motivated by compassion to pursue those who are lost–to be ministers of reconciliation that those who are lost may find absolute pleasure in God alone.

I shared with our church this past Sunday a written response to the many concerns believers across our country (even worldwide) are facing. At the request of many of our leaders, I have posted this written response here. Today, it is our desire to enjoy God fully, to glorify Him eternally, and be motivated with compassion for the world around us.


My Response

June 27, 2015

Many who are wiser than I have penned great responses to the recent Supreme Court ruling. For the sake of adding my, “amen,” to the many who have well spoken of these things, I would say this: America has an epidemic disease that will not be cured by better politics and even religion. America has a sin problem that can only be cured through Christ’s blood and repentance. I pray that God would grant true repentance to America on all accounts of sin (2 Timothy 2:25). As the disease of sin grows darker, may the brightness of God’s glory grow brighter among His Church (Isaiah 60:1). May the Church not lose her voice in these matters due to hardness of heart and judgment; rather, let us see with the eyes of discernment and wisdom, knowing the end result of a sinful lifestyle brings unfulfillment and destruction. We must be ready to minister to those who have suffered its ravaging affects, like Jesus with the woman at the well who had suffered from unfulfilled relationships (John 4). The pleasure of sin is momentary, but the enjoyment of God is eternal (Hebrews 11:25). Now is the time for the church, with abandonment, to fully enjoy God and the pleasures of His presence so that others may know the pleasures of His joy rather than the fading earthly enjoyments (John 15:11). We can no longer continue on playing with the toys of religion, rather we must truly live the Gospel.


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