Acts of Power

Acts of Power

To believe against hope is the root of the gift of miracles; and I owe this testimony to our beloved church, that apostolic powers are there manifested. We have had undeniable proofs thereof in the unequivocal discovery of things, persons, and circumstances, which could not humanly have been discovered, in the healing of maladies in themselves incurable, such as cancers, consumptions, when the patient was in the agonies of death, all by means of prayer, or of a single word.

-Count Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf (1700-1760)

Hebrews 2:4


The following is an excerpt from Maria Woodworth-Etter’s (1844-1924) book Signs and Wonders describing some of her meetings.

Besides the mighty miracles of healing, God has shown many other signs of His mighty presence and the soon coming of the Lord. In many ways the Holy Spirit has signified that we were near the end. Sometimes during the preaching, God’s power would settle down on the saints until some were melted to tears; others saw wonderful visions of His coming glory. Sometimes Sister Etter was held like a statue, unable to utter a word. Other times she stood weeping over the people, while the power of God swept over all like the tide of a great ocean. Around the altar souls saw visions of Him who is walking today among the candlesticks, holding “the seven stars in His right hand” (Rev 2:1). Numbers seems to hear that “voice as the sound of many waters” (Rev 1:15) and like John fell at His feet as dead. The unsaved, beholding the shining faces of those lying as dead men in the presence of God, wept and said, “These are strange things.” Sometimes the Spirit would move like a gentle breeze, fanning every soul with the breath of heaven, then send torrents of weeping over the lost until it seemed to some that the very shades of the dark “tribulation” cloud was casting a shadow all around us.

It is the will of God that you be used in a mighty way by the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel message confirmed by signs and wonders. I do not believe that Jesus is coming back for a church operating in less power than the church He left. Greater things are available to us in these days (John 14:12), and those who choose to yield to the Holy Spirit are experiencing a harvest of souls and confirming acts of power.

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