Mind-Blowing Work

Mind-Blowing Work

It is abundantly clear that the performance of mighty works—signs, wonders, and miracles—belongs with the gospel proclamation. The early Christians testified and performed signs and wonders. The proclamation, therefore, is powerful word and miraculous deed (both by the Holy Spirit), which bear witness to the gospel.

-J. Rodman Williams (1918-2008), Renewal Theology

Ephesians 3:20-21


God wants to blow your mind! I often find that as Christians, if we cannot figure something out in our natural mind, we discount it and consider it “mystical.” Could it be that our skepticism about God limits our faith in God? Is it possible that because we don’t understand something in our mind we may disregard the very working of God in our midst?

Paul describes a work of God in our lives that is super abundantly and incredibly great, beyond anything we could even think of on our own. Do we need to place a prerequisite on God of our full understanding of His fullness before we yield to His plan? We cannot begin to comprehend the greatness of salvation, a virgin birth, ascension, resurrection, Christ’s return—and yet, when it comes to the “power that works in us,” we limit the expanse of all that God wants to do because of our inability to figure it out with our natural mind.

Notice Paul says this incredibly great, mind-blowing work of God in us is in direct proportion to the power that is working within us. If your skepticism has limited your faith and the power of God at work in you, it will limit the work of God through you. God is not shocked by our skepticism, He simply says we can live in limited power. However, if you want the fullness of His power at work in your life and through your life, there is a mind-blowing work of God in and through your life available as you yield.

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