Now is the Time

Now is the Time

 When you have the Holy Ghost, you have an empire, a power within yourself.

-William J. Seymour (1870-1922)

Matthew 10:7-8

 In this Scripture we find Jesus commissioning His disciples to be sent out for ministry. Their message was clear—the Kingdom of Heaven. The power for ministry was made available. Today, the same is true. Our message is the Kingdom of Heaven and all power for ministry has been made available.

The message of the Kingdom is the message of Christ, beginning with salvation by grace through faith. The power for ministry confirms the Word of God and shows God’s compassion for others. Paul explained to the Corinthian believers regarding his message that it was of the Spirit’s demonstration of power so that faith might be in God, not man (1 Corinthians 2:4-5).

Have you received healing in your body? Has God delivered you from addiction? What have you received from Christ? The power of God that was made available to you in these areas of your life becomes the place where power will flow from you to minister life to others. Your testimony is the greatest sermon you can preach. Share the Word of God coupled with your testimony. Allow God’s power to confirm His Word in and through you. This testimony impacts the hearers and releases overcoming power in your life (Revelation 12:11).

The disciples had experienced a personal ministry from Jesus. They watched as He ministered to and taught others. Every ounce of power needed to fulfill this commission was available to them. Now was their time. Likewise, you have received from God. You have watched His ministry to others. Every ounce of power needed has been made available to you. Boldness has been provided through the Holy Spirit. Trust the Holy Spirit who is teaching you (1 John 2:27). Now is your time!

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