Prepare for the Miraculous

Prepare for the Miraculous

If you’re going to have a houseguest, you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate him. You prepare a room for her to sleep in, maybe putting the kids together in one room. You set another place at mealtime. You modify what you wear around the house. The list goes on. Just as you prepare for a visit from your friend, you must also prepare for a visitation from The Friend. True revival will change you and your church—forever!

-Steve Hill (1954-2014), Wanted: Extreme Christians

Mark 10:27-28

God is working miracles on our behalf. We can see those things to come by faith. An awakening of hearts to God is happening all around us. If we would anticipate that God would work in us and through us to affect lives for eternity, then we ought to prepare ourselves to engage in this work.

It is quite possible that two teenagers might be physically capable of having a baby. However, does this ensure that these new parents are adequately prepared to nurture and parent this child? We know that raising a child requires finances, mental and emotional support, a proper environment and much more. Likewise, even as we would prepare for a newborn, we must also be prepared for spiritual newborns.

Like Peter, can we say that we have left all to follow Christ? Have we made room for the miraculous? Have we prepared ourselves to engage wholly in ministry to others? If you are willing to lay your life in the hands of Jesus, you will find that he will fully and adequately supply you with all resources necessary to minister to the newborns. Are you willing to lay down your life today so that you can find new life in service to others through Christ (Matthew 16:25)?

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