Flames of Fire

Flames of Fire

Their preaching mainly turns on the important points of humanity’s guilt, corruption, and impotence. They equally stress supernatural regeneration by the Spirit of God and free justification by faith in the righteousness of Christ and the new birth. Their preaching is not with the enticing words of man’s wisdom. Rather, they speak wisdom among them that are perfect. Burning love for Christ and souls warms their breasts and energizes their work. In most places where they labor, God has clearly worked with them and confirmed the Word by signs following.

-William Cooper, Regarding Jonathan Edwards’s “The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God,” November 20, 1741

Matthew 4:23-25

“God makes His ministers a flame of fire (Hebrews 1:7).” Jesus went throughout the countryside, towns, and villages as a burning and shining light of hope and healing to all who would receive Him. His message was a burning fire of righteousness. His ministry was fire consuming sickness and disease. The fame of Jesus spread like wildfire. And the multitudes who followed Christ were touched by the fire of God.

This passage of Scripture gives a wonderful picture of what happens when hearts are awakened to the ministry of Christ. The hurting and the broken come. Multitudes are hungry for one moment in His presence.

May God prepare in us a place for the multitudes to receive this all-consuming fire personally. May we travail in prayer that even one soul might be snatched from the flames of hell to be set ablaze in a passionate pursuit of God.

Have you been touched by the fire of God? Is there a passionate, all consuming fire from God burning in your soul? Like those on the Day of Pentecost there is a flame of fire for you to receive and it will so ignite your soul that no earthly passion would compare. Fan into flame today your fire (2 Tim 1:6). Let the passion of your first love be reignited. This world is tired of smoldering church embers and is in desperate need for a Pentecostal flame of fire.

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