Too Great A Work

Too Great a Work

Hence the answer of Nehemiah to each attack; he refuses to discuss, meet, plead his cause, justify his motives, or defend his actions or the work. He answers each renewed attack the same way. He will not back down. He will not give up. He will not assume there is truth to what they are saying even though what they say at a surface level may appear so; he will not give in to fear because of peer pressure, political or even artificial prophetic opposition, or intimidation. He knows he is a servant of both the Lord and the people. He knows he has a job to do for the Lord, that is great and large, and the people who are to be involved have to be brought to a unity of accomplishment in God where previously they have been shamed, separated, and scattered. He was indeed a man sent from God.

-William Pratney (1944-Present)

Nehemiah 6:3

We are busy about the Kingdom work of rebuilding broken down lives. We are snatching souls from the burning heaps of rubble. All the while, facing threats, assaults, obstacles, and distractions from those who oppose the work of God.

Imagine for a moment that Nehemiah had come down from the wall, distracted by the taunts of those who were after him in the “Valley of Oh-No.” His work would have ceased, others would have lapsed in their labors, and at most the work would have mustered a half-hearted investment upon their return to labor. As we pursue God, it is imperative to stay out of the “Valley of Oh-No.” Do not stop being faithful. Do not stop your passionate prayers. Many will come to distract you and assault you along the journey. Keep your hand to the task God has placed before you.

The scope of the project should not worry you. God is both the author and the finisher of the work He has begun in you (Hebrews 12:2). Remain steadfast and enjoy the completion of the rebuilt walls—the lives God restores—around you.

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