No Fear

No Fear

Preaching salvation must be more than a cold-water business. Conversions are produced in the fire. Evangelism is not a clinical operation; it is a hot affair. Conversion must be of the Spirit. This is not a business transaction. Holy Spirit preaching makes Holy Spirit converts, not technical converts, or theological converts. We believe with the heart. The answer for this nation is not polemics and debate, but the consistent, bright-burning witness of genuine believers. Let me remind you, if you want to be rid of the darkness, stop arguing and just switch on the light!

-Reinhard Bonnke (1940-Present), Time is Running Out

2 Chronicles 20:15-19

 Have you ever found yourself fearful of what you might say to someone—how to share your God story? Maybe you have written off personal evangelism in your life and designated that as the “pastor’s job.”

We must move forward as believers with the assurance that as we face our opposition, the sound of our praise and the declaration of God’s Word will penetrate the hearts of the enemy and render them completely incapacitated by grace.

Too many times we think the battle of salvation is our fight, and somehow our cunning words will win the war over someone’s soul. Remember, victory is the Lord’s! Salvation is the result of grace on someone’s heart. Our job is to stand steadfastly on God’s Word and His praise, and see the miraculous victory of God. It is time to position yourself in praise.

As you watch God melt the hardened heart, transform the critic, and overcome the belligerent you will recognize your position is to remain unwavering in your passion for God and allow His grace to affect those you minister to. Engage in personal evangelism, for it is there you will carry off the spoils of war brought to you by God.

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