Act According to The Word

Act According to The Word

Understand that there are difficulties which cannot impair prosperity, and that there is a prosperity which dominates over all external circumstances. It seems hardly correct to assert that Joseph was a prosperous man when he was to all intents and purposes in bondage. He was the property of another. Not one hour of his time belonged to himself. He was cut off from his father and from his brethren. Yet, it is distinctly stated that, notwithstanding these things, the Lord was with him and he was prosperous.

-Rev. Joseph Parker (1830-1902)

Exodus 23:25-26

God promises healing and restoration. He promises provision. Many today have become enamored with a prosperity message—with name-it-claim-it and positive confessions. As much as I believe in the miraculous and provision of God along with a generous lifestyle of giving, I also believe it is improper for us to abuse others for the sake of getting rich.

That being said, as Christians we have the privilege of standing steadfastly on the promises of God. We are not to misuse Scripture, but to receive all that it says God has provided. Healing, supply, wisdom, direction—all can be found in the promised supply of God.

The question becomes: Are you receiving, and are you expecting? We often become more aware of and more content with the report of worldly influences, rather than the Word of God. Has it become easier for you to stand on what the natural man perceives, or are you holding fast to the Word of God?

Holding fast to the Word of God means taking action. We act through prayer. We act by striving to enter God’s rest. We act through our praise. We act through remaining faithful stewards. We act by receiving from God. Our action is not to make or create the end result.

The final question we must review: no matter the result, are you still taking God’s Word into action? Today, what are you trusting God for? Have you acted according to the Word of God or are you busy about making the end result happen?

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