Praise is the Plow

Praise is the Plow

 Now again, the shadow of darkness and death is over this generation like nothing we have ever had before. And yet, the greatest tragedy of all is this: a sick Church in a dying world. We have neither the vision nor the passion, nor at this moment, the intention of setting our house in order—to break the fallow ground—to prepare the way of the Lord. My hope is that as we go on from here, we are not just going to gather information and statistics about revival, but that individually, we are going to seek personal revival.

-Leonard Ravenhill (1907-1994)

 Hosea 10:12

Fallow ground is ground that has been plowed and made ready for seed sowing; however, it has not been maintained nor has seed been sown. The result is hard clumps of clay that cannot be useful until it is plowed again and made ready to receive seed.

In Hosea 10:11, the prophet says, “Judah shall plow.” Judah means “praise.” The picture that has been displayed, is that our praise becomes the instrument to soften the hardened heart and prepare it for seeds of righteousness. Praise prepares the soil of your life to receive the seed of God’s Word—His righteousness—by faith, which produces a harvest of mercy. The righteousness of God comes also in the form of rain. God supplies seed for our soil and ensures the harvest will come in due season. We must be willing to praise and receive from Heaven.

God will plant His Word in our hearts and even ensure the nutrients to nourish that seed are provided. We must remain open and receptive to all that God has for us. Spiritual vitality and fruitfulness are the result of learning to rest and receive from God.

Praise confronts the indifference of a fallow, spiritually cold heart. Revival fully embraces the plow of praise and prepares the heart to pursue God. Revival causes us to dig deep into the soil of our lives to ensure the ground is fully prepared to receive all that God has for us. The harvest is proportional to how we prepare and yield to God.

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