One Desire

One Desire

Let all our affection be bound up in one affection, and that affection set upon heavenly things.

-Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), The Treasury of David

Psalm 27:4

David says in Psalm 69:9, “zeal for your house has eaten me up.” Simply put, what is the passionate cry of your heart today? Is there a zeal, a passion, an affection for the pursuit of God and the enjoyment of His presence in your life?

David’s passion was not captured by a worn out tent, but the glory that resided inside. The beauty that David was passionate about was the beauty of God’s presence. When your heart has been captured by the riches of God’s presence, everything else will fail in comparison. Living in the place of His presence consumes you, and eventually, any task outside of His presence becomes another opportunity to enjoy His presence. Employment is no longer a grueling part of your day, but rather an opportunity to enjoy God and share this joy with others. Family centers around God’s presence and enjoyment of God first, and recreation second. Worshipping God through giving takes on new meaning. Instead of working to receive a paycheck, you begin working to have money to build a place for God’s presence and His ministry to affect others.

We then develop a deeper appreciation for the local church we are planted in. We recognize our church is the habitation of God and an opportunity for our community to be affected by supernatural ministry. We desire to not be in opposition with others in our church, but rather foster unity and holiness so we might receive and radiate more of His presence in our lives. We begin to take on the beauty of the Lord together. We behold His glory and are transformed together into this beautiful body, the bride of Christ, reflecting the glory of our bridegroom to the world around us.

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