Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire

One of the greatest mercies that you will ever have will be a revelation to your heart of how to get rid of yourself. Boundless spiritual resources are available after the flesh no longer reigns.

-Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947), On Spirit-Filled Living

Malachi 3:2-3

As St. Augustine (354-430) said, “Therefore, we pray to God for the enablement of what He calls us to do and what He calls others to do. In fact this is exactly why prayer is necessary. Only God can do what needs to be done. We are so sinful and so rebellious and so hard and resistant that if we are left to ourselves, we will carry on exactly as the people did in 2 Chronicles 30:10, with ‘scorn and mockery.’”

In the purging process, refiners will skim the impurities from the precious metal as it is heated. Many times this process is repeated multiple times in order to form a clean and precious result. Removing stains from laundry is very similar. The process involves scrubbing, and washing, and rewashing until the stain is removed.

Paul admonishes us to offer ourselves to this cleansing process (Romans 12:1-2). Climbing on the altar of sacrifice means that our desires, lusts, cravings, and sinful nature are being consumed by the righteous fire of God. The more we are transformed, the more the perfect will and nature of God begins to shine forth out of our lives.

If you have ever had a piece of furniture that has not been cleaned in a while, you know the original color often changes to the murky, dirty gray and brown. When you clean the furniture, though, the original color and beauty begins to shine through. You would not clean half of a piece of furniture, and leave the other half to remain dirty. God thoroughly cleans us, so that His nature and His desires can fully be seen in our lives. Are you offering yourself freely on the altar of worship before God, or is it a constant battle for God to sanctify you wholly? Today, what is God desiring to clean in your life?

One thought on “Righteous Fire

  1. Amen!
    It is so true but unfortunately at times my flesh gets in the way. When it catches up with me, I have to surrender. Thank God that time frame between my flesh and surrendering has shortened but it still exists. I thank God for His goodness and never failing love for His people. I’m thankful I am one of many people who belong to Him.

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