Not By Might

Not By Might

 All forms of successful revival depend upon absolute reliance on God’s Spirit. Zerubbabel faced huge problems in the revival of the temple and Jerusalem. The recipe for this type of revival is simple. Revival will not occur if the revivalist depends on human force, wealth, or well-trained armies. Revival will not occur based on human power, strength or the capacity simply to produce something. Revival is accomplished when those who seek to repair the broken-down temple boundaries of spirituality and trust in the operation of the Holy Spirit.

The Revival Study Bible

Zechariah 4:6

I believe we are on the precipice of a great season of awakening—a season that will be unique and more powerful than any season of awakening or revival we have seen in the past. We are living in days in which people have grown cold to the Gospel and church people have grown cold to prayer and passionate New Testament living. Much like the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8), we need heavenly virtue to flow into our emaciated bodies again.

The church has found itself like this frail woman—having spent all she has, only growing worse, becoming an unclean outcast, and incapable of fulfilling her divine purpose. Playing politics, preaching a social gospel, avoiding the hard truths of Scripture will not change the core problem. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can immediately restore strength, health, and vitality.

Today, what area of your life needs the restoration power of God? Where have you relied on man’s efforts rather than the power of the Holy Spirit? Allow God to transform, revitalize, and refresh you today!

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