The Tabernacle of David

The Tabernacle of David

 The Presence of God as seen in the Shekinah Glory above the Ark of the Covenant was restored. His Presence and Glory transformed all who worshipped at David’s Tabernacle. This was altogether different from the tabernacle which Moses had built. This was a new thing. A new order. There was rejoicing, praise, and worship. The Psalms we love so well were born at David’s Tabernacle. David himself entered in to a new ministry. God’s glory had been restored in the midst of His people.

-Graham Truscott, The Power of His Presence: The Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

 Amos 9:11-13

We are living in an urgent hour. The time of Christ’s return is upon us and there are souls hanging in the balance of eternity. As Jonathan Edwards has said, “the bow of God’s wrath is bent and the arrow made ready on the string, and justice bends the arrow of your heart and strains the bow.” In these days, God is restoring the tabernacle of His Glory—a dwelling place in the hearts and lives of men and women who will yield their lives to Him.

David’s tabernacle referenced in Amos 9, was a place of perpetual worship, a place where the presence of God was known to dwell, a place where lives were transformed. David’s tabernacle did not contain the splendor and riches of Solomon’s temple; no, it was a tattered tent. But greater than the glory of its furnishings, was the Ark of the Covenant—the place where God chose to manifest His presence among man. Today, God is not looking for the talented, the splendor, or riches. He’s looking for a tattered tent—a person that has weathered the trials of life and is willing to yield themselves fully to become His dwelling place. His presence in your life will cause the talents and abilities that reside in you to flow out in abundance of ministry, but it is His presence that will bring eternal fruit.

Many today are attempting to build ministries and legacies built on natural success. God told Moses in Exodus 33, that he would have success, but His presence would not go with Him because the people were stiff necked. Moses pleaded for God’s presence. Today, we must also become desperate for more of the presence of the Lord in our lives.

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