Plenteous Power

Plenteous Power

 And when God sends us on His great embassy, He pledges Himself to enable us to carry it out successfully. This promise of power just means all we need for efficiency. It is sufficiency for efficiency, all personal qualifications, providential workings and divine enablings that we have a right to expect for the successful accomplishment of the work that is given us to do.

-A.B. Simpson (1843-1919), The Holy Spirit; Power from on High

 James 5:16

James 5:16 in The Amplified Bible says: The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

The Greek paints a very clear picture of the tremendous power made available to us when we pray. Here is a picture from the Greek: A passionately engaged petition before God becomes like an electrical wire for power to flow through to a shining light: making abundant, overflowing, and plenteous power available.

The Word of God shows us the power available. The Gospel is the power of God that brings salvation (Romans 1:16). Jesus’ death and resurrection makes this power accessible to us. Your prayer life is the wire which God’s power can flow through into your life and out of your life. The Holy Spirit is the person who makes this power effective in our lives. Your life is like the light bulb; the effectiveness of your light bulb is directly related to the amount of time you spend in prayer—and not just the amount, but the quality of that time.

James includes in his writing, “the heartfelt, earnest, passionately engaged” prayer is tremendously effective. What is the “blood pressure” of your prayer life? Is the output and gauge of your prayer life at a place to sustain vibrant Christianity?

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