Launch Out Into the Deep

Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, They see the works of the Lord, And His wonders in the deep.

Psalm 107:23-24, NKJV

During my time living in New Orleans, I always found it interesting to watch the large ships on the Mississippi River. Standing along the river just beyond the French Quarter, you can see the large vessels make their way up the river. You can see the force of the river as the ships build speed to make the turn at the river and continue their journey. What a picture of the force of the river of the Spirit of God. The anointing is powerful and can work great wonders in your life!

Here in Psalms 107, we get a glimpse of the mighty Holy Spirit’s power. The ships that launch out into the sea, must launch out into the deep waters, lest they run aground. It is here that David focuses his attention. It is in the deep waters of God’s Spirit that we can encounter the “wonders in the deep.” Sure there are wonders of God for those along the shore—He saves the soul and transforms the sinner upon entry into the waters; however, there are, to the one who will venture out into the great waters, wonders of the deep.

Have you experienced these great wonders for yourself? We can read of the mighty miracles in Scripture. We can hear the testimonies of others who have dared to journey out in the deepest of oceans. But there is reserved for you wonders of the deep—experience and intimacy with God where only you can go. Are you willing to venture out into the deeper things of God?

It is in the deep waters you experience things that the one on land will not see: the creatures, the beauty, the sounds and sights of His glory. It’s there in the wonders of the deep that your storms are silenced and the waves become transportation into the bliss of His goodness. In the vastness of His boundless ocean can you experience His love so deep and His joy so rich that time is lost and the overflow of this encounter becomes the joy you share with others around you.

Today, let go of your shoreline. Whether it be apathy or control; complacency or fear; pride or uncertainty—let it go and launch out into the deep. There you might find the joy of Heaven and a great catch of fish awaiting you!

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