A Heavenly Destiny

But He needed to go through Samaria.

John 4:4

In John 4 we find the occasion in which Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well. In John’s account, he begins the details of the story by saying that Jesus “needed” to go through Samaria.

Jesus’ ministry was stirring the wasp nest of Pharisees, and so He departs Judea. In His journey, he could have taken any physical route, but John depicts this particular route as a necessity. The word here used for “needed” means that it was “destiny” for Jesus to go through Samaria.

The sovereignty of God was at work in this woman’s life. She had had five husbands and was currently cohabitating. Apparently, she was well known among the men of the city—they listened to her report of Jesus. John 4:28, says that after this woman’s encounter with Christ she went back and shared with the men of the city what had happened to her. God was at work, orchestrating the details of her life so that she would have a Christ-encounter this particular day. When others may have rejected hope for this person, Christ saw opportunity for healing in her brokenness. Jesus saw the potential in the areas of her feelings of rejection, fears, hurt, and other emotional wounds.

God is at work in your life today. You may not be aware of His plan, but He is working all things together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose (Ro 8:28). Here are some thoughts on the destiny of God in your life:


  1. Destiny is lived TODAY; it is not a place we arrive.


Had the Samaritan woman waited to drink of Jesus’ living waters, the moment would have passed her by. Jesus was sitting with her on this day, at this time. 2 Corinthians 6:2, says that today is the day of His favor and salvation. Begin making the seemingly small or insignificant steps to the well of life-giving water today. Don’t wait until the world around you is perfect—you or the world around you never will be. Oftentimes as followers of Christ, we need to have eyes to see what God is doing today versus the grandeur of tomorrow. The grandeur of tomorrow will never come if we do not drink of living waters today.


  1. You can be aware of God’s peace on the journey, even in moments of uncertainty.


The Samaritan woman had a God encounter at the well. She tasted of supernatural, living waters. As she went to town, though, her testimony indicates she didn’t fully know the extent of who Christ was or the waters she was receiving. BUT, she knew something changed in her life that day. She had an encounter that created a desire to see others impacted by the same life-giving waters. She still had the crazy man she was cohabitating with at home. She still had emotional wounds. She still had issues to deal with. But, Christ has come into her life. She knew the same person that gave her eternal drink would settle the other issues of her life as well. You can find rest today in the sovereignty of God’s plan. The same God who has saved you will complete the work He began in you (Phil 1:6).


  1. God takes the mess of our past and makes a beautiful masterpiece.


Maybe you have felt unqualified or unprepared for what God has asked of you. Jesus asked this woman for a drink, and instead of simply giving him a drink—she responds with religious and cultural excuses. God always asks us to do things that will “push our buttons” or pull us out of natural abilities. He wants to work supernaturally in you today. How can you receive the supernatural springs He desires for you to have if your water pot is full of natural water? It’s not always pleasant to empty out our water pot before the Lord, but He brings us into a new level of receiving from Him the more we pour out. Today, let your emotional hurts, wounds, bitterness, and detriment from the past be poured out before the Lord, and He will fill you with waters overflowing, waters eternal.


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