Forgiveness by Saul

Today I’ve been pondering this thought: I wonder what those who had been persecuted, imprisoned, martyred, or mocked by Saul thought when Paul enters Heaven. The same man who had tortured Christians, finished his race and fought the fight of faith. He stepped into his eternal enjoyment of his Savior, and met face to face with those he persecuted. What a moment that must of been!

Acts 9:15, God tells Ananias that Paul is a “chosen instrument.” Many today in church would become offended and leave church if the pastor announced that the greatest persecutor of our day became born again and was a “chosen instrument” of God.

The person that irritates you the most–your Saul–could be the next Paul! Will you remain faithful to God, even through adversity to enjoy all that God has for you? Your character is being formed during this time, but who knows what God might be doing in Saul through your humility and obedience to Christ!

As believers we must be quick to forgive and live by faith. We too have been become “Paul” because someone overlooked the “Saul” in us!

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