The Abundance of a 91 Year Old Heart

People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

Today I had the opportunity to meet quite an interesting man. I was called upon to go on a hospital visit of sorts. Of course, this is not an unusual request, but what was unusual was the story of the man I was to visit. I agreed to go and was on my way.

This 91 year old doctor I was to visit had spent his life caring for others around the world. But now, he lay dying from cancer. As I spoke with him about his life and stories, I was amazed by his experiences. Growing up in India, he knew Mother Theresa. He spent time in Saudi Arabia, the East Coast of the United States, and more. The stories I heard of him and those he shared inspired me.

But then came the reality check. He looked me in my eyes and asked, How do you stand behind a pulpit and put your hand on the Bible and share to people? This 91 year old who had given his life as a great, international physician, needed repairs himself. He needed repairs that only Christ could bring.

I was humbled by his question, but was reminded of our Great Physician. I explained to him that ministering the Gospel is much like being a doctor. You study, prepare, go to school, have experience with hands on training–but then comes the day you see your own patient. Everything you’ve learned is applied. I explained, though, that the only difference between He and I, was that when I see my patients, I have my supernatural Jesus giving me exactly what they need.

You could see this very educated man begin to ponder. We eventually prayed. He looked me in my eyes and said, “God has sent you.” The man who didn’t believe in Christ as Savior, knew there was truly a God now.

There are many people around us everyday. Their hearts tell us all. Have you listened to your friend’s heart lately? The coworker that spews garbage all day? The family member that no one can stand? Their heart is speaking loud and clear!

What’s flowing from your veins today?

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