One Moment Changes Everything

Luke 7:36-40; 47-50

Tonight my wife and I were pulling into our driveway and dropping off our beloved child–our dog–at the house. Heather had no sooner stepped inside that I glanced at the northern sky, and shooting from the sky was a bright light that caught my attention. It wasn’t a shooting star–I’ve seen those before. It was much, much brighter and larger, and quickly had a tail of fire behind it. It was a meteor falling to earth. I felt amazed in that moment by this incredible cosmic activity. I was captivated by the moment. I’ll never forget this intergalactical experience.

In Luke 7, we find a woman who had such an encounter. It was deeper and more passionate than that of mine which is described above, but left such an indelible impression on her and those who experienced the moment with her, that we are still reading and discussing the moment over 2,000 years later. This woman “of the city–a sinner” came before Jesus, bringing her alabaster box and costly perfume and began washing Jesus’ feet with her tears–drying them with her hair.

In the midst of her encounter were many scoffing and mocking. Others wondering about the integrity of Jesus. What drew this sinful woman to Christ? What compelled her to spend a year’s wages on such a lavish gift? This perfume could have been used for “her business.” She could have made profit from her gift, and yet she brought it, and seemingly wasted it on Jesus.

What would cause someone to do such a thing? What would motivate you to step outside of comfort and enter into a place where people know “your reputation” or would mock your display of affection? What would cause someone to declare their relationship with Christ in such a dramatic way as to bring offerings, offer time and talent, dance and worship, pray and devour Scripture?

Has this love of Christ compelled you? Much like this sinful woman, this eternal love of the Father is consistently, constantly, and compassionately chasing after us. He is wooing us to His banqueting table. Today, surrender to His love. You cannot earn His love, but once your captured by this love you cannot help but share it and rejoice in it.

One moment in His love changes everything. One moment in His presence changes everything. His love changes us. His love brings us through places that natural abilities and willpower never will. Be satisfied with Him. Be satisfied with His love. Life is nothing more than the fulfillment of one moment many times. Make the most of your moments with Him today!

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