Large & in Charge

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.

Jeremiah 1:5, ESV

The past couple of weeks I’ve been reading, studying, meditating on, teaching on, preaching on, eating, living, breathing “Divine Destiny.” God has really been stirring in me a new look at this truth that seems to be captivating believers and unbelievers alike. Everyone wants to know their destiny, wants to achieve a destiny, and wants everyone else to recognize them upon the arrival of their destiny.

A God-centered destiny, though, is not glamorous or self-centered. His destiny is not even a destination we achieve. Sadly, many Christians often believe that a believer’s destiny is heaven or some distant goal that must be achieved. Heaven is definitely a place I look forward to spending eternity, but it is not my “destiny;” rather, it is only the beginning of my eternal destiny. My destiny will continue throughout all eternity; I merely change locations. Instead of an earthly journey, I begin a heavenly journey. My destiny, though, doesn’t change.

A true, God-centered destiny is not a destination, but a journey. Christianity is not about an “arrival point,” achievement of some special goal, or even “making it by the skin of my teeth.” A true life lived for God finds out that destiny is the fulfillment of our journey with God that begins before we were ever born!

Our destiny begins in the mind of God. Before we ever breathe our first breath, our eternal destiny, our eternal pilgrimage, is on the mind of God. When we take our first breath, we begin the living reality of that journey. Eternity, rather in Heaven or Hell, will be the continuation of the realization of our destiny–one in which we enjoy the fullness of God, or we become awakened to a God-centered destiny we could have journeyed.

Often times we find ourselves questioning God:  Why? Where? When? How come? What a peace the reality of a God-centered destiny brings. It is no longer I who question God, but I realize before I ever considered God, He considered me! Before I could ever question God, He had a plan and purpose for my life. Because of this reality, I can rest assured He has my best interest and His glory in mind. He will not forsake His own oath which He swore by Himself. He knows me and Has my joy secure in Him!

He appointed me! He set me apart! He alone has justified me! Paul’s writing in Romans 8 rings ever too clear in comparison to Jeremiah 1:5 in that God alone predestines, calls, justifies, and glorifies. He is our salvation and our savior! He is our sacrifice and our high priest! Because of this, Romans 5 says I can be at peace!

Today, what circumstance are you facing? What trouble do you find yourself in? What mountain top are you rejoicing on? Know that in all of these, my hope and my peace are found in Him and they began before I ever took a breath. His endless, eternal, unchanging love has been for me before I ever knew Him. Rest on your journey in knowing He is the fulfillment of your destiny! Your journey with Him is what must be enjoyed!

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