Compete with Horses

Jeremiah 12:5a (ESV)

If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?

I’ve been preparing for my upcoming message and small group discussions as well as an upcoming Sunday School class I’ll be teaching. God has really been stirring in me this concept of “Divine Destiny.” I remember as I’ve grown up, there have been many times I thought I would “arrive” in Christianity. I compared myself to some of the “big name” ministers and thought–“God, if I could be like them…I’ve arrived.” Scary! That’s not God’s plan for any of us. Recently, God has been resurfacing those thoughts I had as a youth and really compelling me to take a deeper look and teach this series on God’s Divine Destiny: A God-Centered Destiny for Your Life.

Reality check–God has destiny, a plan, a purpose for each of us. We often times get so caught up in the mundane, day to day living, and even survival mode, that we forget we were created by a master planner who has every detail of our lives figured out. Before we were ever born, God was “large and in charge”. When we took our first breath, we stepped into a living reality of that plan. We went from being a thought in God’s mind to a breathing reality in a moment.

God has set eternity within our hearts. As we grow in this understanding we find ourselves at times assuming that at some point we will arrive at some earthly destiny; however, God’s plan is not an earthly achievement, but a heavenly one–an Eternal One!

Have you found yourself wearied by life? Caught up in the mundane? If day to day life has wearied you, it is because you’ve lost your focus of the eternal plan and the All-Wise, All-Knowing, and All-Powerful One who created that plan. Racing the “rat race” of life will weary you, but by zeroing in your focus on the eternal plan of God, you will gain strength and rest.

Today, my challenge is to realign every area of my life where I find myself trying to compete with man and the rat race, and recognize God’s eternal plan for my life that began in His mind before I ever took a breath!

One thought on “Compete with Horses

  1. Wow…this resonates in my soul as well. I have been pondering how to recognize my life in God in the everyday, mundane, common sense and ordinary in my life. Knowing that every second is divine and divinely planned. Moses was just doing his daily routine when he took a second look at the burning bush…and God’s presence invaded his life. Thank you for your wise words that refreshed me today. Jesus bless you!

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